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Thanks for stopping by to check out my page.This will always be an on going work in progress , and I will update it as often as possible with whatever new happenings might come my way. In short this site is about me and my quest in the music world and always looking for the next adventure. An on going update of what was ,what is, and what is to come in a never ending up hill battle towards a musical career. 

                                                                            - Kris    



The Drummer-

Drummers are a people that are a breed apart , we provide the world it's constant beating heart.Playing with a passion that rips out from deep with in, most others don't understand it , so they just say it's sin . Grace and power have never been better known, a true ruler of emotions sitting upon a throne.Set back on high in this stage we call life we are the balance of time just like day and night.From anarchy and chaos we have always delivered men , through the wage of battles we triumphed again and again.We were the first language , the first music , and the first guide...we are what brings the world together as one terrific tribe.So as you sit pondering on what your strings are worth, you should have been a drummer, the greatest thing on earth


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